How to Eat in Crete

How to Eat in Crete

While Greek favourites such as gyros and tzatziki are well known even to the average McDonalds-only consumer, dishes from the herb-heavy island of Crete are certainly not getting the reputation they deserve. This is Italian-standard cuisine, minus the waist-unfriendly carbs. Continue reading

Way down upon the Suwannee River

Entering Suwannee County

Way down upon the Suwannee River

by Penelope Silvers
“Way down upon the Suwannee River…..”

Those lyrics are from the Florida state song, “Old Folks at Home” written by Stephen Foster in 1851.  You can listen to the song performed by Pete Seeger as part of his historical “American Favorite Ballads”.  Close your eyes, listen, and ease into the laid back mood of an earlier time in Florida history: Continue reading

Gastronomy journey through Andalucia

With its economy under the spotlight these days, it is easy to forget that Spain is still one of the top gastronomic destinations in the world.

Article by Santiago Sanz of Black Sheep Guides

While its big cities such as Madrid and Barcelona attract millions from around the world (not to mention the pilgrimage towards Barça or Real’s stadiums), Andalucía has remained relatively discrete in comparison, only to be discovered by the more adventurous traveller who seek a more exotic cultural stimulation than the usual touristy experience. Continue reading

The Citadel at Besancon

(c) Photo by Ric Wiley 2012 All rights reserved

The Citadel at Besancon in France

Photo: Ric Wiley 2012

iPhone panorama photograph of the World Heritage Site listed Citadel in Eastern France, near the Swiss border. Click the photograph to see a larger image.

The Citadel occupies eleven hectares on Mount Saint-Etienne, one of the seven hills that protect Besançon, the capital of Franche-Comté. Mount Saint-Etienne occupies the neck of an ox-bow formed by the river Doubs, giving the site a strategic importance that Julius Caesar recognized as early as 58 BC. The Citadel overlooks the old quarter of the city, which is located within the ox-bow, and offers a magnificent view of the entire city and its surroundings.

The fortification is well preserved. Today it is an important tourist site, with over a quarter of a million visitors per year, due both to its own characteristics and because it is the site of several museums (source: