The Citadel at Besancon

(c) Photo by Ric Wiley 2012 All rights reserved

The Citadel at Besancon in France

Photo: Ric Wiley 2012

iPhone panorama photograph of the World Heritage Site listed Citadel in Eastern France, near the Swiss border. Click the photograph to see a larger image.

The Citadel occupies eleven hectares on Mount Saint-Etienne, one of the seven hills that protect Besançon, the capital of Franche-Comté. Mount Saint-Etienne occupies the neck of an ox-bow formed by the river Doubs, giving the site a strategic importance that Julius Caesar recognized as early as 58 BC. The Citadel overlooks the old quarter of the city, which is located within the ox-bow, and offers a magnificent view of the entire city and its surroundings.

The fortification is well preserved. Today it is an important tourist site, with over a quarter of a million visitors per year, due both to its own characteristics and because it is the site of several museums (source: