A weekend in Windsor, England

Story and Photo’s: Phil Wiley

It’s not only the royal family who like visiting Windsor for a holiday. If you’re in England it’s a great place for a weekend away because it’s got the lot: history, the royal connection with it’s castle and parklands, tons of historical pubs and strange old buildings,  the theatre and great shopping. Plus the lovely river Thames, which divides Eton and it’s famous school from Windsor itself, streams through the town.

Here are a few of my favourite parts of this historical vacation spot of the British Royals.

The Crooked House
The Crooked House,Windsor

Popular Mechanic’s magazine named Windsor’s Crooked House , which is now a tea room, in a story about the World’s 18 Strangest Houses. Built in 1592 the Crooked House now leans at a marked angle, which happened after it was rebuilt with green wood in 1718, and as the wood dried the house bent.

There’s a secret passage in the basement, supposedly used for illicit trysts between Nell Gwynn and Charles II. And, less romantically for delivering produce from the market to the kitchens of Windsor Castle. In case you fancy sneaking into the castle for a quick snog with Princess Kate, or William if that’s what tickles your fancy, I’ve got to tell you that, for security reasons, the passage has now been blocked.

And if you just want to have tea and scones, be aware that the floor was never leveled, so you might find your cuppa sliding off your table.

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Skating at The Tower of London – credit: wolfsavard

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Cornwall Holiday – One Night at Trebarwith Strand

Merlin's Cave at Tintagel

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