How to Eat in Crete

How to Eat in Crete

While Greek favourites such as gyros and tzatziki are well known even to the average McDonalds-only consumer, dishes from the herb-heavy island of Crete are certainly not getting the reputation they deserve. This is Italian-standard cuisine, minus the waist-unfriendly carbs. Continue reading

Gastronomy journey through Andalucia

With its economy under the spotlight these days, it is easy to forget that Spain is still one of the top gastronomic destinations in the world.

Article by Santiago Sanz of Black Sheep Guides

While its big cities such as Madrid and Barcelona attract millions from around the world (not to mention the pilgrimage towards Barça or Real’s stadiums), Andalucía has remained relatively discrete in comparison, only to be discovered by the more adventurous traveller who seek a more exotic cultural stimulation than the usual touristy experience. Continue reading

Tale of 2 Steak Houses


 Hi, this is Wayne Mansfield. This is another in my travel series where I go to exotic places and taste the best restaurants that I can find.

The last couple of days I’ve done a comparison between what is reputed to be Singapore’s best steakhouse, It’s Lawry’s, and what is fast becoming known as Perth’s only steakhouse to go to, which is called Hippo Creek. Continue reading

tastiest country in europe

Best food in Europe?

Your Votes for The best and Tastiest Food in Europe

Italian food came first with a strong 30 per cent of the vote. Italian cuisine is famous for a good reason – pizza and pasta are popular dishes in the UK as well as abroad, not to mention Italy’s famous wine, cheese, olives, coffee and gelato.

What surprised us most is that Continue reading