Way down upon the Suwannee River

Entering Suwannee County

Way down upon the Suwannee River

by Penelope Silvers
“Way down upon the Suwannee River…..”

Those lyrics are from the Florida state song, “Old Folks at Home” written by Stephen Foster in 1851.  You can listen to the song performed by Pete Seeger as part of his historical “American Favorite Ballads”.  Close your eyes, listen, and ease into the laid back mood of an earlier time in Florida history: Continue reading

21 fourth of July photographs you will want to share

4th July Celebrations in pictures

4th of July Mocha

Independence Day honors the birthday of the United States of America and the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776. It’s a day of picnics and patriotic parades, a night of concerts and fireworks, and a reason to fly the American flag Continue reading

Visiting the Famous Food Trailers in Austin, Texas

Hey Cupcake!, Austin Texas

Guest Post by Logan B

In the past few years, Austin, Texas has been on the top of almost every best cities list. Many consider it one of the best places in the U.S. to find a job, start your own business, make new friends, and raise a family. Austin is known around the world as an up-and-coming tech hub. Facebook, Google, and Indeed.com have all set up offices in Austin, and the city is home to countless other tech companies and startups. The vibrant capital of Texas is also considered the “Live Music Capital of the World,” thanks to all of its live music venues and all the opportunities local, national, and international musical artists have to play at those venues. Continue reading

New York Travel Deal

A Hostel is a Brilliant New York Travel Deal

Some people want to visit New York City and spend a noteworthy amount of cash in the course of “living it up.” Others are looking for a New York travel deal so that they can use their budgeted “trip money” in the most prolific way possible. It is for those of you who are in quest of a NY travel deal that this article is written.
In most substantial cities (including New York City) around the world, there is a little known secret that will help you glean a fantastic way to retain cash on your next trip to NYC. This lesser known New York travel deal is a hostel.
A hostel is a low budget accommodation that usually caters to a fun, uncomplicated traveler. A quality description is a cross between a Bed & Breakfast establishment and a dorm.
Some are located in renovated townhomes in The City, some are located in YMCAs, and some are cozy guesthouses. Some are in residential areas, while some are positioned in the center of the action in The Big Apple.
Most hostels offer the choice of a dorm-style room or a private room. Here is one of the reasons why this a New York travel deal: the dorm-style rooms are really inexpensive! Some go for as low as USD per night! An amazing NY travel deal, to be sure.
However, the private rooms are also much less expensive than a typical hotel room. Some start as low as USD per night. Even this is a remarkable New York travel deal. Where even discounted lodging in The City starts around USD per night.
Let’s be honest, few New York tourists spend a lot of time in their hotel rooms. Most NYC tourists use their accommodations only to sleep, shower and change clothes in order to go out again.
If this is you, then think of how much extra budgeted “trip money” you will have to spend out on the town or in other areas (maybe airfare).
There are numerous hostels in New York City, and they are in every district (area) of the Metropolitan area. As with most accommodations, location will play into the price per night.
Hostels are a clean and safe substitute to a typical hotel room. Most hostels have air conditioning, complimentary luggage storage available, no curfews and 24 hour reception. Almost all will provide you with clean linens and towels for your use while there. And some even put forward a complimentary breakfast. Some hostels have a kitchen and/or laundry room that you can use as well.
Some hostels have key card access, car parking and tourist information available, as well as a “local” to get advice from. In addition, most are now offering internet access for those of you that need to be connected or want to write home to tell them how outstanding this New York travel deal is!
Then there are those hostels that provide more superior services and produce concierge services, rooms with a private bathroom, and access to workout facilities and a pool in addition to the other services.
Most hostels are 18 years old and up, some allow 16 year olds and up and there are only a few hostels that are child-friendly, but this opens up another avenue to explore for accommodations for families searching for a New York travel deal. For example, Hostelling International-New York is a child-friendly place.
A really fun hostel to stay at is the Chelsea Star Hotel (yes, it is a hostel). It happens to have been Madonna’s home in the 80″s. They have a Madonna themed room among others. The dormitory beds are about USD per night and it located close to Madison Square Garden. This is a really stellar NY travel deal. Fantastic price and fantastic location.
There are over 40 different hostels around the New York metropolitan area and you can reserve them ahead of time on the internet or over the phone. For the price, convenience and service, a hostel is an awesome New York travel deal. Certainly, one you should keep in mind when planning your next trip to New York City.

Steve Gray is the owner of www.NYTripGuide.com which offers info on how to get a great New York Travel Deal. He has the experience and knowledge to offer strategies and solutions for making trips to New York cost-effective and memorable.

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Tips For Finding An Amazing New York Travel Deal

Tips For Finding An Amazing New York Travel Deal

Almost everybody has a dream of someday traveling to New York State. Whether it is the sights of the Big Apple or the beauty of the Adirondack Mountains and outdoor activities around the Finger Lakes.
Unfortunately, dreams of an outstanding New York travel deal are frequently turned into nightmares when potential visitors are handed opening prices on trips to NY.
However, the smart consumer should not despair OR pay the excessive prices initially offered. With the internet and numerous travel agencies in the market for your business, finding a quality New York travel deal with specifics such as airline tickets and hotel stays can be pretty simple.
Keep in mind that traveling to NY can still be very expensive with all of the “extras” involved. But if you do a bit of fact finding and take the advice of this article, finding an excellent travel deal to NY may be easier than you think.
Being that we are in the Age of Information, with answers to our needs at our fingertips, one of the most powerful resources that you have to learn about a noteworthy New York travel deal is the internet. There are abundant websites offering savings for frugal, self-motivated travelers.
Here are a few tricks to finding online deals for your subsequent jaunt to NY:
1. Make sure that you check around previous to making any payment toward your trip. Do not purchase the first airline ticket you see offered online and do not book the first accommodation you identify just because you think it seems like a good New York travel deal. Always check no less than three (3) sources for every aspect of your vacation.
Start with the large travel websites; they usually produce the most valid comparison starting points for prices. Then go to some of the smaller websites (believe me they are hard to miss). After you get a feel for what is out there, then you could even go straight to the website of the airline or lodging you may have seen as a good option for from the previous fact-finding. Often times going directly to the supplier can provide you with the greatest New York travel deal.
2. It is often wise to start the research for your vacation several months in advance. It is a good idea to check the prices for your airfare if booked now for your desired departure date and also check the last minute flights to your destination at the same time. If you ascertain that waiting until the last minute to book your plane could be a worthwhile New York travel deal, then you may want to reflect upon that as a part of your trip plans. You will need to be sure to be flexible in case you cannot get on the flight that you had originally wanted.
3. When considering your lodging options, you should look into hostels in addition to the usual hotels, etc. These are low-budget accommodations that are a delightful combination of a Bed & Breakfast and a dorm and provide uncomplicated travelers with an amazing New York travel deal. There are no less than 40 separate hostels scattered around the metropolitan area of the Big Apple and quoted prices start as low as USD per night!
4. When you get to your destination in NY, speak with some of the locals. Most of the time there will be a friendly face available at your hotel, hostel, etc. Find out from them the greatest places to go for a nice dinner or if there are any locally sponsored events or games that you can attend. The locals normally know all of the best quaint restaurants with considerable atmosphere that will not empty your pocketbook on a single meal and some of the most interesting activities to be present at.
Visiting New York State can be very satisfying. One of the greatest ways to derive pleasure from your vacation is to know that you have found at least one New York travel deal that has helped to stretch your budgeted trip money. This way you will have more of that allocated cash to do what you really want to do, which is: experience New York.

Steve Gray is the owner of www.NYTripGuide.com which offers info on how to get a great New York travel deal. He has the experience and knowledge to offer strategies and solutions for making trips to New York cost-effective and memorable.

The Zoo Crew hits the streets of Hong Kong and Shenzhen China. Skating by Zered Bassett, Brandon Westgate, Anthony Shetler, Matt Miller and Donny Barley. Filming by RB Umali and Seamus Deegan. Big ups to Anthony Claravall, Mr. Jung, Brian at 8Five2, and HKSkateboarding.com!
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