Cornwall Holiday – One Night at Trebarwith Strand

Merlin's Cave at Tintagel

An Unforgettable Cornwall Holiday: One Night at Trebarwith Strand


“I will always think of Cornwall with a smile. Visiting Cornwall quite literally changed my life” … guest post by K.Newey

It was the first week of April 2010. My boyfriend at the time took me on a surprise trip down to his homeland of Cornwall (he grew up in St. Austell). The drive down was long and progressively warm. It seemed the farther south we went the better the weather became (though I hear this isn’t always the case).

Upon arriving in Cornwall the roads instantly changed becoming swiftly narrower, and then narrower still as we became hedged in by tall green bushes making the journey feel like a trip through the sort of labyrinth Jim Henson would be proud of. We meandered our way through various twisting and curving roads and I wondered aloud how on earth anyone could tell where they were going. My boyfriend smiled and said not to worry, he had a good sense of direction. I was still worried but assured him of my trust. We made it to our holiday cottage in time for dinner, long before the sun set and left us disoriented in the midst of the maze.

Our first Cornish pint was had in Tintagel. On our way to the pub I caught sight of the amazing mythical and historic vista that is Tintagel Castle. I immediately wanted to go. “We will,” he said with a smile.

cornish fish and chips

After our first meal—fish & chips and real Cornish ale—we started to venture back toward the car. My boyfriend’s countenance shifted as he suddenly wore a slightly sheepish expression. I wasn’t sure whether it was the ale or the food or simply because we were on our first proper vacation but he whisked me off to the car park, held the door open for me and waited for me to get in the car. We then drove through the village of Treknow which took us on a precarious descent toward a poorly lit dead end near the ocean. We sat in the dark a moment. He gave my hand a squeeze and we both hopped out of the car. Moments later, he began guiding me through the dark lit only by a small handheld torch toward the ocean.
I could hear the waves crashing on the rocks as we walked. The soothing sound calmed my nerves a little, but seemed to do nothing for his. A few people were set up on the sandy rocks gathered around campfires and small lanterns. We made our way past the few visitors and headed onto the beach where he made a fire, laid a blanket and… got on one knee. I barely remember what he said apart from “will you marry me” as the tears and laughter kicked in with such gleeful force I completely forgot to say yes, which of course I did. And as we embraced, someone nearby released a Chinese lantern up into the beautiful Cornish night sky.


The following two days were awash in joy as we explored Cornwall and spent restful nights in our beautiful cottage. We visited Boscastle the first day, and enjoyed wandering along the cobbled streets past picturesque fishing village homes and gazing at local artwork. We saw Tintagel on the final day after the obligatory visit to Land’s End (the extreme south-westerly point of the British mainland) and St. Austell Brewery where we enjoyed a good pint and picked up some of their very special “Smugglers” Ale, which we can’t get anywhere else.

Tintagel Castle

Tintagel Castle was something right out of a fantasy novel, full of medieval charm, magic and true epic romance. We climbed the 100 steep steps up to the main part of the castle and explored the beautiful cliffs, stone ruins and gardens, taking in the history and ambiance arm in arm.

Tintagel Castle - 03

We stood by a cliff edge looking out over the ocean and a bird’s eye view of Trebarwith Strand, smiling as we remembered what had happened there just a few nights before. More steep steps took us down to the crystal blue waters and gorgeous cliff faces which lead to a series of caves, one of which was allegedly the infamous Merlin’s Cave! A place of truth myth and legend, it was the perfect end to our magical, romantic Cornwall holiday. Neither of us can wait for a chance to go back!

Story by  K Newey, who has a deep love for all things creative, Celtic, and medieval, along with good ale, and can testify that good things (like her husband) come from Cornwall. Cottages in Cornwall are a great way to enjoy the comforts of home while you stay in some of the British Isles most beautiful and magical places.
Real Ale Guide’s St Austell Brewery’s, Admiral’s Ale, Real Ale / Craft Beer Review

I drank the second glass of Admiral’s Ale after reviewing this and found it tasted even better as it warmed up, I change my mind this gets a 10/10 from the Real Ale Guide.


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Today. what a day. Today we went to Tintagel and spent about 3 hours exploring the castle and it cliffs. Took (cont)

By LOFTBOY63 at 08/03/2011 8:57

@fifi1971 The waves are the best I seen. And go to Tintagel Castle. £5.50 to get in Adults, but well worth it. The views are amazing

By LOFTBOY63 at 08/03/2011 17:21

Just enjoying a Castle Gold from Tintagel Brewery. Very nice. Continuing a great day out. Tintagel is a beautiful place!! #letsbigitup

By MoSevens at 08/04/2011 4:00

Oh, and we visited Tintagel Castle in Cornwall yesterday. Some very cool ruins. Good times. We even checked out Merlin’s Cave. Was magical.

By andrewtipp at 08/03/2011 0:34

Congrats to St Austell brewery for winning best ale in a bottle with Proper Job @ national camra festival, not bad from the pump either.

By Fishermansarms at 08/03/2011 6:19

@KristianDando trying out something new. Pure Ubu by Purity Brewing Co & Tribute by St Austell Brewery Co

By adaircameron at 08/04/2011 3:22

@cornwalldevon Just want to say that Tintagel last week was amazing and lots to see around Port Isaac, Padstow and Boscastle. Best holiday!

By maricarjagger at 08/04/2011 0:25


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