Oxford Sightseeing

The many attractions in Oxford are what makes a holiday to Oxford so exciting. The Blenheim Palace is one place to spend a t least a day exploring. This was were Winston Churchill was born and the Duke of Marlborough lived. The palace grounds are spread out over two thousand acres with beautiful gardens and park like settings. You will marvel in the beauty of the palace and the grounds as you learn more about the history of the palace. The palace is always a delight to see no matter if you take the family or travel by yourself.

If you are looking for architecture delights, you can visit Carfax, where you will see the St Martins Church with its tower that was constructed in the fourteenth century. High Street is another street to walk down and see all the different styles of architecture that Oxford is famous for. The Oxford Cathedral is another architectural delight. It was constructed in the twelfth century. The oldest building to see in Oxford is the St Michael at the Northgate. It has the Saxon Tower that will amaze everyone. There are so many marvels to see in Oxford, that you might find little time to rest.


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You will want to see the Bridge of Sighs. Casanova used this bridge to escape from prison. The Shark House is something out of the ordinary to see. The house actually has a shark through the roof. Why, you will have to find out when you visit to hear the stories. Just these places along will make your holiday to Oxford enjoyable. However, there is so much more to do and see. The Sheldonian Threatre and the museums are also historical architectural buildings that attract much attention. There are over ten museums that you can tour while visiting.

You will find the Ashmolean Museum, Bate Collection of Historical Instruments, Bodleian Library, Curioxity and the Modern Art Oxford. The Museum of Science, Museum of Oxford and the Pitt Rivers Museum are among the other museums to visit. As you can see, you could easily spend an entire day for each museum visit. You will wan to plan your trip to include a variety of things to see including the beautiful parks. No one is ever without anything to do or see. If you need more to do, you could visit the Cherwell River and do some punting.

Punting is done with a flat bottom boat that uses a pole to propel the boat. This is something you do not want to miss doing. Punting is a traditional activity in Oxford. You can spend the days sightseeing and the nights dining at some of the incredible restaurants. There is some nightlife in Oxford that will enchant you and make your night more relaxing. A holiday to Oxford is always enjoyable. All you need to take with you is your clothes and of course, a camera to capture all your memories of your exciting and fun filled vacation.

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