Take A Tour Of England – Packed With History And Scenery


Take A Tour Of England; Packed With History And Scenery

An England tour is a brilliant trip for all manner of reasons, whether your visit to England is with the family, as a couple or even as a group there is much to do and see. Whether you decide to tour the stunning and varied countryside, or delve into the darkest hours of English history a tour of England with fascinate at every turn.


The Tudor period is often seen as a formative period in English history, the castles that fill England from this period are well worth a tour for families and couples. Children will love the ramparts and sheer size of the castles whereas couples will love the chance to relax in the peaceful garden surroundings. Of course Hampton Court Palace in London is probably the best example of a Tudor building in England but ensure to expand your tour to include Leeds and Hever Castles; both in Kent.


Longleat House is Wiltshire should definitely be included in your tour if travelling with the family. While adults will enjoy finding out about the enthralling history and exploring the opulent rooms; kids will love the safari park that has lions, tigers, giraffes and monkeys as well as a petting zoo.


Your England tour does not just have to be about history, head out into the countryside that has inspired artists and poets for centuries. From sparse moor land and dales up in the north, to the lush meadows of the south east there is clear diversity. The east of England has some fine examples of inland waterways that allow travellers to tour the river and canal system by boat and catch a glimpse of some native wildlife.


There are certain regions that are worthy of a tour on their own; these are the ‘areas of outstanding natural beauty.’ These are located throughout England and include the Cotswolds, the Malvern Hills, the Northumbrian Coast and the Chilterns. These areas will amaze visitors and astound them that a place can be so beautiful. Some are sparse, rugged regions whilst others are full of quaint villages that most would consider quintessentially English.


The Most Beautiful Country Towns of England (Most Beautiful Villages Series)

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Complementing the best-selling The Most Beautiful Villages of England, Hugh Palmer has produced a stunning sequence of images of those ancient towns in which the true heart of England lies. All the places included here embody a long, preindustrial heritage; they are also communities of a well-preserved beauty, widely visited by travelers from all parts of the world.

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England once was a country covered in woodland; this however has changed due to centuries of farming and expansion of settlements. As you tour England you will see pockets of woodland that have been untouched by civilisation but for the true English woodland experience there are a number of places you can visit. Hatfield forest in Essex is an ancient wood with spectacular lakes while Hampshire’s new forest existed as a royal hunting ground for much of history. Naturally, Sherwood Forest is the most famous of all forests in England due to the legend of Robin Hood.


As an island nation, England has many miles of distinct coastline. The white cliffs at Dover are of course well known but there are many gems dotted away in coves and bays. The north east has a rugged coast that is battered by the North Sea, the beauty and entrancing views of powerful swells are sure to amaze. Your England tour should also include the south west; Cornwall and Dorset are warmer than other parts of the country while the waves are increasingly attracting surfers to the region.


England is a brilliant country with an interesting history and culture, the historic buildings are some of the best in the world and while it may not be able to match parts of Europe in scale, it makes up for it in character. The English countryside has been an inspiration for artistic types for centuries and the beauty you will see as you tour this green and pleasant land will satisfy all comers. For every type of vacation England should be seriously considered as a destination, despite the infamous weather it is rewarding at every step.

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A tour of this wonderful, historic English city.
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Tour through Eastern Counties of England, 1722

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