Perfect Yorkshire Holiday Cottage

yorkshire holiday cottages
by Moochy

Perfect Yorkshire Holiday Cottage

Hiring a holiday cottage in Yorkshire can bring you all that’s good about England: wonderful scenery, historic locations, fresh clean air, freedom and privacy.

Staying in your own place gives you freedom to do what you want when you want to do it – not to someone else’s timetable and menu. Get up when you like, go to bed when you like, eat what you like, laze around or get up and go as you please!

Holiday cottages in Yorkshire can be great value for money too! Take family and friends to spread the cost and you’ll soon find that those air fares to foreign climes are outlandishly high, and by staying in England you’re doing your bit for the environment too. As nearly all self-catering you will also find that your food meals need not be expensive. Eat in most nights and the total cost of your holiday becomes very manageable.

Particular attractions within reach of cottages in Yorkshire include the Yorkshire Dales National Park. Established in 1954, the Dales have wonderful scenery and rich cultural heritage. With an area of 680 square miles it is a fantastic place for outdoor recreation relaxation, straddling the Pennines, yet within reach of major northern cities like Manchester and Leeds.

You are also right within reach of the Vale of York on a plain between the fells of the Yorkshire Dales and the uplands of the North York Moors. Many rivers come together in the plain, such as the Swale, the Ure, Nidd and Wharf. Towns in the plain include Northallerton, Thirsk, Wetherby and of course, the wonderful historic City of York, with multiple attractions like York Minster, the National Railway Museum, Jorvik Viking Centre, York Castle Museum and York Shambles – a street in the city centre with a long and fascinating past.

If you value your privacy then holiday cottages will be just right for you. Most holiday cottages in Yorkshire have their own garden, giving you and your children freedom to enjoy fresh air on your own doorstep in privacy. Have an evening barbecue with a bottle of wine at your own leisure.

The North York Moors National Park is another wonderful area in the locale, with stunning landscapes and scenery. With the benefits of upland space and wildlife come vast open moorland where you can walk and enjoy the natural countryside and leaves the stresses and strains of every day life behind. There are woods and villages, and the Moors extend as far as the North Sea to the east, where you can sample a number of castles, abbeys, churches, or simply a cup of tea by the beach.

Any time of year holiday cottages in Yorkshire have something to offer. Enjoy snow on the higher ground in the winter, and pull on your boots and walk in it as the sun brings out the best of scenery. Back in your cottage, you might be able to put logs on an open fire and warm yourself back up in the traditional way.

You can have a perfect holiday in a holiday cottage Yorkshire.

Derek is a keen writer covering holidays, short breaks, boating and rental holiday options across the UK and abroad after working in the industry for many years.