coffee novice to barista

Take yourself from coffee novice to barista

By Katherine Weir

If you enjoy the aroma of a freshly brewed coffee and look forward to a morning cup to start your day, then why not learn how to make the best coffee around.

coffee beans

I’m not sure when my love of coffee began; I remember sneaking a sip of my Dad’s coffee as a child and instantly getting the expression of someone sucking a lemon as the acidity hit the back of my throat, but my intrigue didn’t end there. From the boost of alertness it gave me when revising for exams, to the daily support it gives me to start my day, coffee is a loyal and faithful friend. All I know now is that I couldn’t imagine a morning without flicking the switch on the kettle and tipping a tea spoon of ground coffee beans into my favourite mug. However, even the most humorous of novelty mugs cannot disguise the taste of bog standard coffee and with years of coffee drinking comes refined tastes and an expectation of a little more.

Having visited many coffee shops and cafes, there is an understanding that your morning cup can be so much better than it is. There is a great satisfaction in tasting a blend that awakens your taste buds as well as your mind for the day. However, we can’t always enjoy a trip out to a coffee shop because of the time restraints of everyday life or simply that you have to stretch your last few pennies as far as they can go before payday.

It seems criminal that we should have to endure mediocre coffee because we do not have the skills to make it from scratch ourselves. Although some days I do feel impressed that in my zombie pre-awoken state, I can open the coffee jar and spoon my fix into a mug, it’s not quite the same accomplishment as making an espresso from bean to cup.

A course that can help take your coffee from second-rate to first class is Barista training which will give you an insight into the process of making an excellent cup of coffee from experts in the field. On these courses you can see coffee roasting in action and get to visit blending factories to get an understanding of coffee production. You may find the best part of the course to be the tasting sessions of the array of blends on offer to tantalize your taste buds and awaken your senses. You’ll definitely feel like a professional as you don an apron and get to grips with milk, how to foam and heat it to perfection to make a perfect espresso.

If you have an artistic side that is bursting to break free then you can look at courses that teach the skill of latte art. This is the method of pouring steamed milk into a shot of espresso which results in a pattern or design on the surface. From intricate patterns to animal faces, there is no end to the possibilities. Mixing artistic creativity with coffee could be the pastime you have been waiting for!

latte art

Photo by: Mloge

Imagine the pride of serving your family and friends an aromatic coffee made with your fair hands. And no mention of the barista training is needed, just a casual shrug and the phrase “Oh this? Just something I whipped up earlier, really it’s nothing” will have them stunned in awe at your coffee making expertise.  Your new found skills could also open the door to new taste experiences as you take on new flavour combinations like a sweet amaretto coffee or cinnamon hazelnut blend, or if you’re ready for the heavy stuff, take a stab at a robust Java coffee.

So if you’re ready to take your love affair with coffee to the next level, then look into taking this everyday pleasure (requirement to function) into a craft that you can master.

Katherine Weir is an avid blogger and loves writing about anything that tantalises the taste buds. Follower her on Twitter @KatherineWeir