Improve Your Cooking Skills With a Cooking Holiday in Italy

Your Cooking Holiday in Italy

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How to use an uneaten panettone – Yes, how to use an unused Italian Panettone (typical festive cake, as well as the Pandoro). I made a cake with dipped cream, coffee juice and cocoa, but you can choose the ingredients you want.

Your Cooking Holiday in Italy

Italian cuisine is loved and emulated throughout the world. But it is never quite duplicated. Whether it is something in the air, the earth or the wine cooking in Tuscany is an experience that all who love food should partake of at least once in their lives. Your cooking skills can be honed with one of the many cooking vacations in Italy. Italians love to cook and are experts in making any vacation a memorable experience so combining the two gives you a trip that will be doubly rewarding; both to you and all who you cook for. Italian cooking is known for its use of fresh, locally grown ingredients and the classes will focus on what is currently in season so the prime times to take courses will be booked in advance, spring, summer and the beginning of fall with the brutally ugly, fantastically wonderful truffle season. So booking ahead for these times is highly recommended.

Learning about Italian country cooking can take many forms. You can take just one or two classes from one of the many schools if your schedule is limited or you can indulge in a full week of classes that make up the programs of many of the cooking vacations Italy has to offer. Many of the week long programs are taught in historical villas that also have beautiful accommodations. Waking up in a centuries old villa, taking an excursion to an Italian farmer’s market and then learning to put together a five-course lunch with pasta you rolled out by hand is quite a good initiation into Italian country cooking. Virtually all of these villas, not surprisingly, also have vineyards and produce their own wines. You will use ingredients in a lot of the classes offered that are grown within viewing distance of the villa where you are sleeping, that is fresh.

Indulging in a cooking holiday in Italy will give you greater appreciation for the simplicity that is the hallmark of so many classic Italian dishes. Making a tomato sauce with only four ingredients that give just a hint of emphasis to the incredible flavor of the local tomatoes or layering the colors of the Italian flag into an insalata Caprese will show you how much flavor can exist in simple dishes. The classes in almost all of the cooking vacations in Italy are in the morning and end with a lunch that will leave you wondering why everyone doesn’t do this. Your evenings in most cases are yours to do with as you please. Or, you can add in tours of local wineries and organized excursions to neighboring towns if you are inclined to learn even more while you are soaking up the local food knowledge. One of the most recommended additional excursions that are offered seasonally are trips to local “sagre” or food festivals. If you are in Italy when one of these is occurring locally they are a must-see. The owners of the villas, the chefs teaching the classes and all the local food lovers will attend, and there is no better way to top off a cooking holiday in Italy.

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Welcome to A Taste Of Rome Italian cooking holidays, for lovers of Italy and Italian food. Come and experience the real Italy. Relaxing, small group, for a hands on cooking holiday in Italy. Staying in our beautiful 15c restored palazzo in the medieval hilltop village of Casperia, set in the wonderful rolling hills of the Sabina countryside in what is, the untouched heart of Italy . On your cooking holiday in Italy you will enjoy comfort, beautiful surroundings, fine food, fine wine, fine company All the ingredients of what will be an unforgettable Italian cooking holiday experience !

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