Great German Recipes

Sauerkraut Mash with Porkchops.

Great German Recipes

This book, in the popular recipe-card-file-size, stocking-stuffer format, is chock full of best recipes and notes about Germany, including information on German-American culture, language, and sites. The German specialties in this book are wonderful. Beverages of fruit punch and May wine are sure to please any visitor. Start your meal with a dandelion salad and Bremen herring served with Old-Order Amish bread! For a main course try stuffed cabbage rolls or venison Terrine with Black Forest aspar

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Price: $ 7.95

How to make an authentic German Potato Salad.

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  1. Review by for Great German Recipes
    When I saw this little cookbook for only $6.95 I thought I’d give it a try. Boy was I surpised. It was well organized with over 150 pages of recipes that are easy to read and follow. After living in Germany for three years I was looking for some authentic recipes that I could use to bring back some old memories, and they were there along with quite a few phases in German which really touched home. Many of the recipes are some of my favorites but I was disapointed that there a few classics left out like Jagersnitzel. Other then that the book was great! It’s a real steal for only $6.95…

  2. Review by for Great German Recipes
    Great German Recipes, in the popular recipe-card file size Stocking Stuffer format, is chock-full of the best recipes and notes about Germany. This book was compiled by Lynn Hattery-Beyer who married a German editor and has strong interest in the foods and traditions of the various regions of Germany. Originally from Iowa, Lynn went to West German to study, and stayed! The cover was done by artist Helen Blanck of Minnesota, who created the border art. She utilizes the traditional motif of flowers in this design. Great German Recipes contains an array of information on German-American culture. language and sites. Notes on German Table Blessings and Traditions demonstrate how German eating habits differ from ours in many respects. Also included are Menu Suggestions for a complete, delicious meal!The German specialties included in this book are wonderful! Beverages of Fruit Punch and May Wine are sure to please any visitor. Start your meal with a Dandelion Salad and Bremen Herring served with Old Order Amish Bread! For a main course try Stuffed Cabbage Rolls or Venison Terrine with Black Forest Asparagus and Caraway Potatoes. For dessert, try the Bavarian Sweet Rolls or Oma`s Apple Dumplings! These are just a few of the options offered in this book!Great German Recipes is excellent for personal collections and as a memento of German-American traditions!

  3. Review by ANT for Great German Recipes
    For the price, you can’t beat this little spiral-bound book! It is surprisingly loaded with over a hundred authentic German recipes and many little tidbits and facts about German cuisine. Even better, this little item won’t take up a lot of space on your hutch or cookbook shelf either! It can fit easily in a drawer or nook somewhere out of the way. Of course, you’ll want to keep this one close at hand anyways.

    If you are into pictures for your cookbooks, though, you might be a tad disappointed as it has none. The recipes are easy to follow, though, so it really should not pose any problem for you. I’m the type of cook who can take or leave pictures in my guides; it really depends on how well I know the ingredients. Also, another great feature about this book is that the ingreidents themselves are not rare, exotic or hard to find. You need not know a German butcher or importer to make the recipes contained herein.

    Overall, for under $7, this is one of the best bargains and best finds you will ever encounter for German cookery, or any other regional cookbook for that matter! I highly recommend this product for anyone either looking to expand their horizons in European cooking or just looking for something unique and delicious from time to time!

  4. Review by Elsie D. Taylor for Great German Recipes
    I was raised in a family where German foods were often the main fare for dinner. My grandmother and my mother cooked so many German dishes. Many of their recipes are in this cookbook. What a joy that I can now make those childhood favorites!

  5. Review by Soeren H. Huba for Great German Recipes
    The recipes are authentic and represent a concise collection of dishes one can actually prepare with relative ease. I have a few other books about German cooking, some of which with several hundred pages, but I always go back to this one when I’m in the mood to try preparing something new.

    The section on German culture is of the same quality as the recipes. Concise, helpful, no fluff.

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