19 more funny travel signs

Weird Bathroom Sign In California Adventure
Weird bathroom sign in California. Women and Fish? What about the men?

| smoke free zone |
In the category of just plain weird. This sign points toward the ocean at the entrance to a public beach at Island Beach State Park, NJ.

Weird Traffic Sign
German Traffic Sign – am I supposed to stop, go, or crash?

Weird Country

But The Road's That Way...
Why? Is there a beautiful blonde flirting in a bedroom window?

what a shocker
Baltimore, not Afghanistan.

In this underpass it is forbidden to piss in front of a guy shitting. 10.000 fine.
Entrance to railways station underpass – Tallinn, Estonia.

Deaf cat
Deaf Cat warning – Canterbury, England.

Weird signs up there
Children may be lying down in the road so don’t drive faster than 70 ?

It's everything you need on date night
Everything you need on date night. Portland, Oregan.

Which Way?
Which way? I wanted to make a right turn here when I noticed the One Way sign. Then I noticed the other One Way sign. Hmmm . . .
New Orleans, Louisiana

Streetsign in Alleppey
Watch out for running businessmen in shorts? Alappuzha, India.

A weird road sign if you ask me
Just strange. But that’s California for you.

Strange Sign
I don’t know about you, but when I think of places for “life saving,” a cemetery is not the first thing that springs to mind!

Peculiar Missouri. The obscured billboard reads “WELCOME to PECULIAR, where the odds are with you!” πŸ™‚

Shouldn't have any trouble keeping to this speed limit!
On a road like this shouldn’t have any trouble keeping to the speed limit πŸ™‚

Strange Sign Near Lake Mead
Do not allow water to enter your nose.

Strange sign in Monrovia, Liberia
They’ll cure things you didn’t even know you’d got…and teach you football. Monrovia, Liberia

Far away places with strange-sounding names (and hedgehogs)
Far away places with strange-sounding names (and hedgehogs)

Wicked Wok sign
Politically incorrect, but funny πŸ™‚