Tale of 2 Steak Houses


 Hi, this is Wayne Mansfield. This is another in my travel series where I go to exotic places and taste the best restaurants that I can find.

The last couple of days I’ve done a comparison between what is reputed to be Singapore’s best steakhouse, It’s Lawry’s, and what is fast becoming known as Perth’s only steakhouse to go to, which is called Hippo Creek. Continue reading

Pigs, crocs, and adventure, in Darwin

by Laura and Greg Morgan

Before we set off to Australia we researched extensively about the area we were moving to. Darwin got some rough reviews on the internet! “The city’s too small”, “Nothing to do”, “Boring” were common complaints. These guys totally missed the point, and so have you if you’re heading to Darwin for a “city break”. The magic here happens as soon as you get out of the city… Continue reading

tastiest country in europe

Best food in Europe?

Your Votes for The best and Tastiest Food in Europe

Italian food came first with a strong 30 per cent of the vote. Italian cuisine is famous for a good reason – pizza and pasta are popular dishes in the UK as well as abroad, not to mention Italy’s famous wine, cheese, olives, coffee and gelato.

What surprised us most is that Continue reading

Wine in the Balearics

Tapas Bendinat

Wine in the Balearics

by Siobhan Gibson
The Balearic Islands’ wine production has grown in both size and reputation in recent years, with a huge revival underway, and some great wines coming out of the region. Old-fashioned wine-making techniques are still the standard across the islands, and the result is slowly beginning to match some of the finest in the Old World. Continue reading

5 of Europe’s Best Food and Drink Festivals

Tastes of Sweden

5 of Europe’s Best Food and Drink Festivals

By Sam Harvey
I love the atmosphere and excitement of a food and drink festival. Enjoying new taste sensations in the company of fellow enthusiasts is my idea of bliss. Europe has such a variety of excellent food and drink festivals on offer it can be difficult to choose which ones to attend. Here are some of my personal favourites.

Continue reading

romantic dinner

Bruschetta with Roasted Garlic Butter, Cherry Tomatoes 1of4

A romantic dinner for two…hopefully

Article and recipes by Stephen Doran

Did the menu I served to Katie that fine evening, have a happy ending?
“Yeah sure, I’d love to come for dinner” Fantastic, I couldn’t believe my luck, somehow I had just managed to secured a date with the very delectable Helen Buxton, it had only taking me a total of six months to pluck up the courage to ask her out. Continue reading