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Today I had an old friend over for dinner. We don’t catch up often enough but we have managed to do so in December 09 and now today which is quite a feat for us.

Being a long time wine lover I have built up a reasonable collection over the years. They are wines that I love and can afford to drink at the time I buy them, not quite the league of the French Grand Cru but if you are enjoying the wine then it is a good wine. Last December I had the good fortune to pick up a very rare Henschke decanter from a shop that was closing down. To mark the first time I am using this decanter I pulled out a special bottle of wine from that winery.

The Henschke Hill of Grace is widely regarded as the second best Australian red wine behind the Penfolds Grange. Its horses for horses, I have tried both and yes they are sensational wines. Shrek and his wife were rather surprised but pleased to be trying their first Hill of Grace. I cooked up a braised beef ribs dish that required a full bottle of zinfandel which was a perfect complement to the main wine.

We polished off the bottle of 1989 Hill of Grace, but there is a small portion of the beef ribs left. It has been a good day.

Australian Red Wine – Shiraz, Fitted Wonderfully With Australia

Australia is fortunate with abundant sunshine of which enables our fruit to reach maturity to excellence. No matter the vagaries of a specific red grape variety, there will definitely end up being a part of Australia which can offer it everything it really needs. Even toughies including old-fashioned Malbec or even black-as-pitch Petit Verdot turn out a treat.

Usually, the drier the wine region, the much more likely it’s going to create rich, full flavoured variations which countless consumers come to affiliate together with Australian red wine. However, Australia likewise offers cool climatic temperatures nicely acceptable to red types which in turn produce lighter along with more sophisticated red wine varieties.

The world’s classic top quality red grape styles happen to be all found in abundance in Australia.

Cabernet Sauvignon has got numerous organic “homes” amidst Australia’s wine regions. The well-known Coonawarra terra rossa soils have created excellent Cabernet Sauvignon for more than a hundred years, whilst a couple of locations can compare with Western Australia’s Margaret River Cabernet Sauvignon for pure stylishness.

When it comes to much cooler areas the difficult grape Pinot Noir fits in effectively, whilst the extremely versatile Shiraz, expresses itself incredibly nicely in nearly all but the coolest areas. Quite a few associated with the milder local climate regions are usually also home to that unconventional and superb Australian speciality wine beverage, sparkling red Shiraz.

Hardly any other grape offers such a exclusively Aussie personality as Shiraz. Try to reproduce many may but the vast majority of the world’s wine makers will not duplicate the mulberry, spicy, kind of  ‘a wild’ flavour that can only be Australia’s very own.

Shiraz (the identical grapes as Syrah in France’s Rhone Valley) was initially just one of the earliest vine varieties to land within Australia in 1832. So suited was it on its brand new turf that plantings prospered and it wasn’t long before the nation wide population began to take it for granted. Even so, from the nineteen-eighties most people had begun to be aware of precisely how extremely versatile this could be, its appeal changed dependent on the actual district in which it was initially grown.

Every single type surfaced from exquisite, peppery cool local climate styles (Heathcote within Victoria) to much more intensely flavoured spicy types of Coonawarra and Margaret River to strong and minty (Clare Valley), sweet and chocolaty (McLaren Vale), muscular, and ripe-fruited (Barossa), and leather and rich (Hunter Valley).

Shiraz, has ordinarily been blended in both cool and warm parts of the country with Cabernet Sauvignon can be blended with Grenache and Mourvedre in warm environments.

Lately, with the availability associated with elevated plantings of Viognier in Australia, wine-makers have much more often blended Shiraz Viognier combinations. Typically, Shiraz Viognier blends have a very perfumed aroma and smoother tannins which make these kinds of wines ideal to take pleasure from whilst rather young.

If you’re interested in seeing some wonderful Australian Red Wine, feel free to visit and see some great Shiraz as well as other varieties.
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Australia’s red grapes are amongst its greatest assets: after all, who could imagine a world without classic Australian Shiraz? Australia is blessed with abundant sunshine which enables our grapes to ripen to perfection. Whatever the vagaries of a particular red grape variety, there will be a part of Australia that can give it everything it needs. Even toughies like rustic Malbec or black-as-pitch Petit Verdot turn out a treat. In general, the warmer the wine region, the more likely it will produce rich, full flavoured styles which many people come to associate with Australian red wine. However, Australia also has cool climatic conditions well suited to red varieties which produce lighter and more delicate red wine styles. The world’s classic premium red grape varieties are all found in abundance in Australia.
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