Haier HVUE06ABB 6-Bottle Wine Fridge, Black

Haier HVUE06ABB 6-Bottle Wine Fridge, Black


– 6-bottle storage capacity- Electronic control- Perfect for both red & white wines- Features double pane insulated glass door with silver trim/black cabinet- Adjustable thermostat control- Ultra-quiet thermal electric cooling- 3 full-width chrome wire storage racks- Black interior-Black door

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List Price: $ 159.00


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5 thoughts on “Haier HVUE06ABB 6-Bottle Wine Fridge, Black

  1. Review by B. E. Diaz for Haier HVUE06ABB 6-Bottle Wine Fridge, Black
    I purchased this for my husband for Christmas (2007). It’s been plugged in and working since late November (more below) with no problems. This is the first wine fridge that we’ve ever owned so, admittedly, I have nothing to compare it to. I read reviews about other smaller fridges and decided to go with this one because of its size and controls. We keep it on the floor underneath our bar/counter area. It’s nice to have to keep those bottles of white wine cold and ready to go at a good temperature instead of being too cold and taking up room in your real fridge.

    Only (very minor) complaint deals with the seller- as I said, I got this for my husband for Christmas. They sent it in its original box without any other box or coverings on the outside. It arrived and was on our front porch on a day when my husband was the first to come home, so…he got his Christmas present a little early. šŸ˜‰

    ETA: Have had this little fridge for 2 years now and it’s still going strong. One feature I like: the inside light that turns on and off. It’s nice to see what’s in there without opening the door. In terms of storing bottles, you can’t store fat bottles (like champagne) on the top shelf. But that’s not too big of a deal. We just put them on the lower shelves.

  2. Review by MW for Haier HVUE06ABB 6-Bottle Wine Fridge, Black
    I checked the various models of wine fridges out and could never find one that everyone seemed to rate highly, until I checked this one. It seemed to have the most positive ratings out of all I looked at. We ended up getting the stainless steel version (same model except for that) and I am very pleased with it. It has a nice appearance, seems to be well made, and runs very quietly. It also came at a very good price from Amazon and was here in two days. Keep in mind it does not ship in an outer carton, only the box the manufacturer put it in. Nevertheless, it arrived undamaged and in good condition. I had it set up in very short order and have had it running without problems for about a week now. If things change, I will update the review, but at this point I am very pleased with my purchase.

  3. Review by Susan for Haier HVUE06ABB 6-Bottle Wine Fridge, Black
    I bought this mostly for my favorite Sauvignon Blanc although I put a couple other red and white wines in with the Sauvignon Blanc (Kim Crawford). The only problem I have is that during the summer, since I keep my house about 76 to 78 degrees the wine fridge only gets down to 53-54 degrees. I didn’t see that mentioned when I bought it but the directions state it quite clearly when you receive the wine fridge. Which is fine for my Chardonney, the light reds, and I can always pull my husbands stouter reds out to warm a bit. But it’s on the warm side for my Kim Crawford to taste “right” to me. It would also be a bit warm for some of the ice wines and dessert wines I occasionally have. So I usually end up leaving a bottle of Kim Crawford in my regular fridge.

    Now onto the good points. It’s very well contructed. Fits easily under my cabinet, and would be an unobtrusive addition to say a bedroom. The door opens and closes smoothly and the digital readout is easy to read, and easy to adjust the temperature for. If it only got down to 45 degrees without me paying a couple hundred extra a month to cool my house more here in Houston it would have been perfection. Still, I’m pretty happy with it over all, and plan to keep it.

  4. Review by Sandra B. Tilson for Haier HVUE06ABB 6-Bottle Wine Fridge, Black
    Haier is a good product line and this little wine cooler is a good product. We are very happy with it and hope to upgrade to a larger one someday. It’s quiet and tasteful. Wine keeps at a stable temperature. We’re very happy with it.

  5. Review by Barry F. Paust for Haier HVUE06ABB 6-Bottle Wine Fridge, Black
    Reading the reviews made me nervous, but for the price, I figured I would check it out.

    I got the product in 2 days, which was great and everything looked great. Looked new out of the box and wrapped like it as well.

    Holds 6 bottles nicely and is very very queit. I had to open the fridge to make sure it was cold in there cause I didnt hear anything. (yes there is a temp gage on front door).

    One note when assembilng bottom casters, be carefull screwing them in as I sliced my thumb and middle finger on the bottom of unit.

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